Save Insta is an online tool that makes it easy to download content from Instagram. Whether you want to save videos, photos, stories, reels, or IGTV, you can do it quickly and effortlessly with just a few steps.

Millions of users are using Instagram in the world. Users post different content in the form of photos, reels, stories, IGTVs, and much more. In this way, users can increase the engagement of their profile. But the issue that every user may face on the official Instagram is that you can’t download any content from Instagram.

Users can use this online platform to download Instagram videos. The downloading process of using the Save Insta download is simple. There is no complexity method that you are using for this task. Users can use this online platform free of cost.

Instagram Video Download

Instagram Video Download is a versatile service that you can use for downloading Instagram content. You can download high-quality content including videos and much more. Further, all the features of this service are available free of charge. You will not pay anything to use this online service. Moreover, users can operate this service on any device and browser. After downloading the media, you will get high-resolution content.

How to Download Instagram Videos Using Instagram DVideo Downloader?

In this section, you will learn about the all download process of downloading Instagram videos. The process is simple and there is no need for any special knowledge. You need to follow these steps.

  • Open your Instagram app and copy the link to the video. You will get the video from the share option.
  • Navigate to the website of the Saveinsta downloader website and paste the link in the given space.
  • Click on the download option and get the highest quality media with high speed on your device storage.

Features Of Save insta

Save insta is a versatile online platform that you can use to download the multiple contents of Instagram. The following is the detail of all these features:

Instagram Video Download

Save insta allows users to download Instagram videos conveniently with the help of this Instagram video downloader. Users want to download a video from Instagram but face restrictions. In this matter, Save insta helps you to download this video in a click with HD quality.

Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram Photo Downloader

Save Insta is available for Instagrammer users to download a single image or multiple images within seconds on their storage. Save Insta provides a hassle-free process to download these photos on Instagram with the help of an Instagram photo downloader.

Instagram Photo Downloader

Instagram Reels Downloader

Are you looking for a reel downloader? Instagram officially does not provide the service to download any reel from the Instagram account. SaveInsta offers a downloader that helps you to download the reels of Instagram users easily.

Download Instagram Reels

IGTV Downloader

Users can use the Saveinsta official website and download the long IGTV in seconds. Users can save these downloads and watch them without an internet connection. So, use the IGTV downloader of Save insta and download any IGTV videos on your device.


Instagram Story Downloader

Users can also download the story of any Instagram user. Save Insta allows you to download the stories of the users on your storage. You will get the story without any difficulty and watch with no internet connection mode.


Instagram Story Viewer

With Save insta, you can see Instagram stories whenever it's convenient for you and experience them on your terms. You don't need to worry about Instagram stories disappearing quickly since Saveinsta has you covered.

Instagram Private Downloader

Why Choose Save Insta Downloader?

There are many reasons to use this service for downloading videos with the help of Saveinsta video downloader. The following are the reasons:

Easy, Fast and Safe

Save insta does not require any login to download the content of the media. So, you feel secure using this online platform. Further, it works smoothly and efficiently. Users will get the downloads faster on their device storage. Save insta is simple to download and does not need any technical skill.

High Speed

Snapinsta considers your time and gives you access to the download with high speed. It takes only a few seconds and you will get the downloads on your device. So, you need to use the online service and get your favourite content.

Original Quality & Resolution

If you want to download Instagram videos, you can download the content including videos with the highest quality and resolution. You will experience the best quality media with Save insta online platform. Because these types of online services do not provide the service to get high-quality media. But Save ista is an outstanding platform to get the high resolution of the videos.

Download From Personal Accounts

Here is another remarkable reason to use this service: users can download the media from personal accounts. It is a unique reason to use this online Instagram downloader to download the Instagram media.


Save insta is a reliable and incredible platform that you can use to download Instagram videos. You need to use this platform free of cost and no need to install any software or extension. Additionally, you will get HD-quality media by using this online platform. It is straightforward to use this tool, and you can easily download videos from Instagram on your device.


Q. What is an Save Insta?

Save Insta is an online tool for downloading Instagram media like Save insta. Saveinsta downloader gives you access to download any content on Instagram.

Q. Do you need to sign in to your Instagram account?

No, there is no need to sign in for an Instagram account to download media from an Instagram account.

Q. Can I save videos directly on Instagram?

Yes, you can use the Saveinsta online downloader to download the Instagram media directly on your device.

Q. Do I have to pay for this download Instagram video and photos?

Not at all, you will not pay anything for downloading the videos and photos on your device.

Q. Can I download it from a private Instagram account?

Yes, it allows you to download the Instagram media from a private Instagram account.

Q. Can I save stories on Instagram?

Yes, you can use Save insta to download the stories from your Instagram account.

Q. Does the website support downloading from Instagram for computers?

Yes, users can use the Saveinsta website on their computer and download the videos from Instagram.

Q. Can you download it from Instagram to Android?

Users need to download the media of Instagram to Android. You need to get the link and paste it on the Saveinsta platform. Your download is available on your device storage.

Q. How to download Instagram videos, and photos on your iPhone?

Yes, it is possible to download videos and photos on iPhone.

Q. Is Insta video playing instead of downloading?

In this situation, you need to right-click and tap on the save as an option. You need to select the location to download the media.

Q. Where are my videos saved after download?

Your videos will be saved on the default storage of the device.