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Instagram has various functions and IGTV is one of them. IGTV are the long videos available on Instagram. Users can create long videos and get more views and likes on this post. This function is valuable for the content creator to expand their views. Do you want to save the IGTV videos on your device and watch them in offline mode? Save Insta is the platform that provides the free service to download these long videos on your device.

What Is IGTV Video Downloader?

IGTV is an online downloader that is handyUserser can use this service provided by the SAveinsta platform easily. You can use this service on any device, mobile, or PC. Furthermore, after downloading, you will see HD-quality videos. Additionally, you do not need to install any software or other app. Use this Downloader and get the IGTV videos free of cost on your device within minutes.

How to Get Videos from IGTV?

Now that we are aware of the capabilities, let's examine the step-by-step instructions for using the IGTV Video Downloader.

Open Instagram in Browser:

Open Instagram in your favourite web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or another one.

Choose IGTV:

Go to IGTV by clicking on the account you want to visit and then selecting the IGTV section.

Choose the Video:

Select the IGTV video that you want to save.

Copy Video URL:

Use your browser's address bar to copy the video URL.

Paste URL on Saveinsta:

Go to Saveinsta.Org.PK and enter the copied URL in the section that is meant to be used for downloading IGTV videos.

Download and Select the Server:

When you click the "Download" button, a server selection prompt will appear on the downloader. Choose your desired download server.


After the procedure is finished, your IGTV video download will be stored in the specified folder on your device.

Features of the IGTV Video Downloader

The IGTV video downloader by the Saveinsta platform has various features. Users can use this platform conveniently and get the IGTV on their devices. Now explore the features in detail:

No Need For Installation

When you are using the IGTV downloader of Saveinsta, there is no need to install any other app on your device. You can perform all the tasks online. IGTV downloaders are compatible with all devices including mobile and computers. Users can use the browser and use this service.

Instagram Video Downloading App

However, Saveinsta online service also offers an app that you can use to download the Instagram media content on your device. Users can also use this app and get the benefits the same as the online platform.

High-Resolution Media

Further, they are providing the best quality media. When you are using the online services of any platform, you will notice that media quality is not good. But IGTV downloader provides the facility to get HD quality media after downloading it.

Free Of Cost

Users can use this incredible platform for downloading IGTV videos off Instagram free of cost. You do not need to pay any additional or hidden charges to use this platform and get the IGTV.


The IGTV video downloader of Snapinsta provides a seamless solution for users to download the IGTV for watching in offline mode. This downloader is user friendly and you can use this service conveniently on your device. You will not need to pay anything and get unlimited and HD quality videos.


Q. Is IGTV Downloader free?

Yes, users can use the IGTV downloader free of cost.

Q. Is there any need to sign In with your Instagram account?

No, there is no need to log in with your Instagram account to download the media.

Q. Will I get penalised for downloading IGTV?

Users can use it without any worry. You will get IGTV videos from public posts.

Q. How to download IGTV Instagram on iPhone?

Users can do the same process but need to use the Safari browser to navigate the Saveinsta IGTV downloader.

Q. Where can I find IGTV videos saved on my computer?

Saved IGTV videos are available in your download folder.

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